Monday, August 22, 2016

Porter starts 1st grade

Porter was the first of the kids to go back to school, and this first day was a first in a very real sense.  Though Porter has attended various part-day preschool programs starting at age 2, today he embarked on state-mandated and attendance-monitored full-day public education.  We did not do so very well last year with attending regularly, or punctually, but we have to pull it together since Texas does not tolerate any form of truancy. 

He was very excited to go.  Will, Andrew and I were able to walk him to his class and meet his teacher, who seemed very nice.  It was hard for me to say goodbye to my little buddy, the sweet companion and helper of the last several years, and I think it was a little bit scary for him, too.  But when he came home off the bus today, he was super happy to report that he had a great day and made two friends.  I think it will be a wonderful year for Porter.  I love that he spontaneously assumed this leaned-over pose, the same from back in 2013 on the first day of preschool.  The similarity is both cure and reassuring; Porter is not the kind of kid you hope will change much.  Cheerful, sensitive to the feelings of others, helpful, happy, spunky and super sweet, he is a joy and his life is joyful.  We love you, Pie-Guy!

Sunday, April 10, 2016


Yesterday Porter gently kicked me out of the bathroom to attend to his urgent business. "Just go out there and wash your hands in the kitchen!" He directed me helpfully. 

It reminded me of the time last year, it was before Charlie was born bc porter and Claire were seated in the middle row, and Porter was trying to pass something to Claire across the aisle separating them. She was on his left but he was using his right arm to make the pass. They couldn't connect. "Put it in your other hand and try again," I encouraged. He complied and was mystified when the pass was successful. "Whoa! I didn't know this arm was so much wooonger!" 

I found the little birthday interview I did with him last year and couldn't believe how different he was. Just because they aren't keeping pace with the baby in the change department doesn't mean they aren't changing rapidly, too. 

Today is Sunday, my day of reflection. Church was wonderful and inspiring, even if I only caught sacrament bc Claire spiked a fever and had to be taken home. I think I'm still under the influence of a very powerful general conference weekend. I'm trying to remember what my life is really all about. It's easy to forget and devote most of my thoughts to paint color for my house. (Can I paint white in a north facing room????)

Brigham left for Boston. He seems to have terrible timing with these trips. Someone is always sick. At least he returns tomorrow night. 

I've been feeling very blessed living in Houston. I miss my family so much and so many people in our McLean community. But I feel like we are blessed to be here and to have found Western Academy and the friends we have made. 

In the words of a very special pig, come to life through a very special author, "I love everything."  My amazing bone is only an iPod and it doesn't love and it can't sing me to sleep but it'll play me a podcast and I'll take it.